Restaurant Diplomat

The year is 1922 . The day is March 7 th. An avant-garde that would forever change the look of Northern Bucharest, represented by colonel Greble E. St. Junior and Mr. Alexandru Marghiloman, set the stepping stone to the “Baneasa Country Club”. Most of the 143 founding members were prolific names of that era, such as Max Ausschmidt, C. Argetoianu, General Anderson, Basarab Brancoveanu, Prince Jean Calimache, Prince Cantacuzino, Barbu Catargiu, Prince A.D. Ghica, Prince Barbu Stirbey, Baron Starcea and many more.

Together, they would originate the largest Country Club of the time. The restaurant building was designed by Romania’s most renowned architect, Ion Mincu, and it stood among numerous fields meant for tennis, golf and polo, as well as a pool and sailing facilities, all very sought after by aristocrats from all over Europe.

The club will later house the “Diplomat Restaurant”, the place where Bucharest’s finest would enjoy lunch, after lavishing in the greenest park of them all: Park Herastrau. Few people are aware of the fact that the founding members of Diplomat have also built the surrounding park, Herastrau. With well over 30 hectares of lush green, it is the largest park in Bucharest.

Nearly 100 years later, we strive to keep the Diplomat atmosphere alive, with a modern taste. This is why we picked world class recipes and given them a contemporary twist, to go with our wine selection, making sure your experience is the finest in town, every single time.